The law firm for the business market in the Haarlemmermeer

Lexington Law Firm is located in Hoofddorp, the heart of the Haarlemmermeer and focuses primarily on the business market. We are committed to our clients and serve their interests by delving into their sectors and focusing on their specific issues. We are solution-oriented and provide clear accurate advice. Needless to say, we offer specializsed legal expertise and relevant experience.

The costs of our services are in reasonable proportion to the importance of your caseinterests at stake. This applies to both our advisory and transaction practice, and as well as ourthe litigation practice. Because we believe that everybody is entitled to high-quality legal assistance, two of our lawyers (if possible) also take on cases on an assignment basis as allocated counsel.

Lexington Law Firm has four lawyers and a support staff of two. We are a tightly-knit team, assisting our clients – companies and private individuals – in a number of specific fields of law.